Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Stay tuned for 2020's line-up! We've already begun planning next year's airshow to be BIGGER, BETTER, and FULL of excitement! 


The Nakajima B5N2 ("Kate") was the sole shipboard torpedo-bomber of the Japanese Navy at the start of the Pacific War. Until around 1942, it out-performed any Allied ship borne torpedo bomber. The FG-ID Corsair served in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, Fleet Air Arm, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force, as well as the French Navy Aeronavale. The Corsair proved to be not only an outstanding fighter, but an excellent fight-bomber as well.


"The Homewrecker"

Come see  Jerry McCart and

"The Homewrecker"!

The Homewrecker's three afterburners light up the runway as McCartraces past the crowd.

Over 36,000 horsepower is produced from the 18,000 pounds of thrust in the afterburners.

Build Time: 19 Months & 6 Days.


The AeroShell Aerobatic Team performs tight, awe-inspiring formation aerial maneuvers in front of millions of airshow fans all over North America. With Mark Henley, team lead; Bryan Regan, right wing; Steve Gustafson, left wing; and Jimmy Fordham, slot; this four-ship of T-6 Texan aircraft perform a series of loops, rolls, and bomb bursts in close formation for a classic aerobatic routine.


Great Smoke, noise and smooth aerobatics!! Ghost Writer is the perfect airshow opener. After dark, Ghost Writer illuminates the night sky with wing mounted pyro and lights in a graceful ballet among the stars. Two miles high and ten miles wide, Skywriting is sure to get your message noticed!


  Scott began competing in aerobatic competitions in 2003.  He rapidly moved from Sportsman level, up to Intermediate, Advanced, and finally the top level -- Unlimited.  Scott has been performing in airshows since 2006, starting with a Pitts S-1T, then moving on to a Giles 202, and currently flying the ultra-high performance MXS Aircraft.


MINI JET AIRSHOWS is a lifelong dream of the pilot Tom "Lark" Larkin. What started off as a half partnership in an RV-6 with his brother Larry, eventually turned into a brief ownership in a Twin Comanche, a total rebuild and several hundred hours of flying in a Staudacher, and then the once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase and perform in a SubSonex Jet.


Jason Flood flies a Pitts S-1S. As one of the youngest aerobatic pilots flying in the U.S. today, his career is already taking off. Jason has made a habit of ranking 1st place in just about all of the regional aerobatic competitions he attends. 

Along with Jason's high performance & energy Pitts routine, Jason is adding a Comedy act in a Clipped-Wing Piper J3 Cub. Jason is excited & honored to bring it back to the airshow circuit for many to enjoy. This Clipped-Wing Cub was made famous in the airshow industry and in competition aerobatics by the late Hall of Famer Giles Henderson!


Team owner, Mark Sorenson has teamed up with Mark Nowosielski

with his second identical Tiger Yak 55’s displaying a magnificent aerial demonstration of precision and skill during their performance of spectacular formation aerobatics. Sorenson reflects on incorporating the smoke rings into his act, “I wanted to give the audience not only something to watch, but something that would intrigue them and make them actually get involved during my show. Zipping by doing 8-point aileron rolls is great, but people want to see something new and different. I found that I could make these smoke rings and stay out of the ‘high explosives’ category because of how they are made with compressed air."

Make sure to stick around on Saturday to see the Twin Tigers in their

"Come Alive" Night Show Production!

Original BATCOPTER from the 1960's T.V. Series

with Batcycle & Batmobile

The Original Batcopter from the T.V. Series BATMAN is autographed by the stars of the series on the instrument panel!

The Batcopter is also fully equipped with T.V. props from the show! Along with the Batcopter, is the famous
BATMOBILE & BATCYCLE! The BATMOBILE is decked out with all the crime fighting devices, including the turbine after burner! Your kids will love this performance & ground display, and they can get their program signed by Batman himself!


with Charles Lynch

Charlie resides in Greenwich, CT. He has 27 years pilot experience, much of which is centered around airshow and warbird flying. This 1945 TBM-3 Grumman Avenger N3967A B/N 53835 is owned by Charlie & Elizabeth Lynch. Designed to replace the slow and vulnerable Douglas tbd devastator, it was first flown august 1st 1941. On Dec. 7th 1941, after the Japanese attacked pearl harbor, Grumman’s new torpedo bomber was christened the “Avenger”. The avenger carried a massive load and was the largest single engine plane to fly off the carries in WWII. It carried one 2,000 lb. torpedo, or a combination of bombs, charges, or naval mines. On the wing hard points, it carried either two 100 gallon fuel tanks or two bombs of up to 1,000 lbs each. Avengers played a crucial role in stopping the U-Boat menace. The Avengers had 53 German submarine kills and 12 Japanese submarine kills. 

C-17 Special Flyover

Sunday,  June 2nd

- out of - 

McGuire Air Force Base, NJ (514 Air Mobility Wing US Air Force Reserves)

The C-17 has an empty weight of 287,000 lbs and a max gross of over 580,000 lbs! Max range without re-fueling is 12+ hours, and with air re-fueling, we can be anywhere in the globe within 18 hours. The C-17's cargo compartment can be turned into a flying hospital to treat wounded troops en-route to larger facilities.