The Greenwood Lake's awe-inspiring airshow after dark! One of the most popular additions to Greenwood Lake Airshow is the Night Show. A must-see for every airshow enthusiast. Precision aerobatics from many of the world's top air show performers mixed with amazing pyrotechnics, flashes of fire & lights illuminating the night. This year, each Night Show will conclude with a pyro musical.

Twilight & Night Performers


Look out for great Smoke, noise, and smooth aerobatics. GhostWriter is the perfect airshow opener. After dark, GhostWriter illuminates the night sky with wing mounted pyro and lights, in a graceful ballet among the stars. Two miles high, and ten miles wide, Skywriting is sure to get your message noticed!


The AeroShell Aerobatic Team performs tight, awe-inspiring formation aerial maneuvers in front of millions of airshow fans all over North America. With Mark Henley, team lead; Bryan Regan, right wing; Steve Gustafson, left wing; and Jimmy Fordham, slot; this four-ship of T-6 Texan aircraft perform a series of loops, rolls, and bomb bursts in close formation for a classic aerobatic routine.

Buck Roetman

Smoke on! Get ready for an exciting, high energy aerobatic performance by Buck Roetman in his highly modified Pitts S2S! Amid the smoke and the roar of his 375+ horse power Lycoming engine, you will see Roetman perform amazing maneuvers in the sky above, that will have you gasping in awe. Roetman also performs a night act that highlights the 'softer side' of his Pitts S2S; using pyro sparklers. Whether you are enjoying his day show or his night performance, you will surely leave wanting more!


Airythmia, a dynamic paramotor flight demonstration team renowned for embodying the unconventional realm of aviation, is poised to captivate audiences with their exhilarating performance at the upcoming Day & Twilight Show. Embracing the liberating nature of minimal restrictions, paramotors offer a distinctive avenue for aerial exploration. Prepare to be spellbound as Airythmia takes to the skies, showcasing a breathtaking airshow display that melds precision, artistry, and the sheer joy of boundless flight.